Posted by: kemuslimahan | October 5, 2008

introducing sahabat asrama ui

Like many of Islamic organization, Sahabat Asrama brings dakwah as its mission especially to dormitory University of Indonesia. Shofwan Al Banna with Dina Farihani is pioneering a new generation Sahabat Asrama in 2003. Now, on the 5th this organization is formed, Rully Prasetya (Faculty of Economics/ Accounting/2007) and Attin Barokatin (Faculty of Psychology/2007) are coordinator for this unique organization.

Sahabat has departments and bureau; there are Department of Syiar, Hadis (Humas dan Media Islam), Department of PSDM as Human Resources Development, Department of MPK (Mushala dan Perpustakaan), KSO (Kreativitas Seni dan Olahraga), and ILC (Islamic learning Center). Then, Department of Kemuslimahan wants to get closer to dakwah for female and Dana Usaha Bureau efforts fundraising to support many project works.

Sahabat Asrama provides facilities to learn Islam with many project and events. Syiar has accomplished Kajian Dzikrul Maut, Maulid Nabi, and Badar (Bulan Amaliyah dan Dakwah Asrama) that Kajian and Buka Puasa Bareng have been held every week, Sahur bersama, Bakti Sosial. Showing Ramadhan’s feels is also.

ILC has been known for its mentoring, and needs to recruitment with Samurai event (Silaturahim Mahasiswa Muslim Asrama UI). There are Prospek,, for KSDI students, Grand Opening Samurai for all students 2008, outbound “Pirates UI’s Wood”. Preventing NII’s streams, Yukino, Rihlah Masjid Kubah Emas,Taujih Ceria, Motivation Training, dan closing ceremony Samurai Never Dies.

PSDM held Sahabat Team Building, Rihlah, and delivered regulation for Sahabat Asrama for the first time. PSDM offers facilities to improve internal mechanisms of Sahabat Asrama. Hadis gives their creativity to display syiar of Islam by media, MPK presents mudzakarah, madding mushalla, intensifying mushalla activities, such as tilawah, adzan, and shollu jamaah. KSO invites to join sports, and creativity of art. Kemuslimahan tries to encourage syiar for female. Bureau of Danus commits to contribute fundraising from bazaar or sponsorship.

Islam Berseri, Dekat di Hati, is the tagline that Sahabat Asrama 5th carries. As we hope, It is a biggest dream to reach UI Madani…


Looking down forth floor, we can see on all side our dormitory. We take a look for buildings where the great people staying, learning, and praying. The simple construction gathers us from diversity and unites through Islam.

We realize that it is essential to be well-behaved with another. We call him/her as a part of our family. As you know, it must be lovely if we keep each other from something that is wrong. It can be some ways, it is called syiar.

Department of Kemuslimahan Sahabat Asrama would like to be a part of syiar movement. Kemuslimahan wants to prove that we can show prettiness with touching Islam for our activity.

Step forward; we want better solidarity from internal kemuslimahan itself, so we can create good mechanism of project program and set up our idea to be good muslimah. It must be little difficult, but we believe, we pray with all desire, May Allah gives this way easier.

Finally, QS :3 :139

Love u Cos Allah …

Best regards,

Department of Kemuslimahan


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